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Resistance Welding Machine

Resistance Welding Machine

Kirti Resistance Welding Machine are economical to run & simple to use as they are manufactured using latest technology and precision engineering. Also these resistance welding machines are engineered for optimum consumption of electricity which reduces production costs to the minimum.

Resistance welding is a highly productive joining technology widely applied in automotive, electrical and electronics, and other metal processing industry.

Due to the fact that many dynamic and interacting parameters are involved in the resistance welding processes, it is a huge task to setup and optimize the production lines applying resistance welding and often difficult to solve welding problems.

Press type air operated Spot and Projection Welding Machines manufactured by Kirti are designed for high speed production job to meet vast needs of metal fabrication industry.

Welding Machines now tailored to your needs...

Kirti make Resistance Welding Machines can be tailored to your specific needs and applications and thus find wide applications in virtually every industry.

A variety of electrodes and tools can be fitted to make the machine suitable for Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Cross Wire Welding, Electro Brazing, Hot Riveting, Electro Forging and Upsetting & many more applications. A range of Standard Resistance Welding Machines are also available.



Welding Machine Features



Features of Kirti Resistance Welding Machine

  • This Welding Machine can be tailored to perform Spot welding and Projection nut welding on the same machine

  • Robust construction - less vibrations - no maintenance of controller board / connectors

  • Resistance Welding Machine designed for optimum consumption of electricity which reduces production cost to the minimum.

  • Controlled delivery of welding current by help of FORWEL, Korea made constant current feedback controller

  • Resistance Welding Machine keeps quality watch on every welded spot. Weak or faulty spot highlighted instantly

  • Error on weak spot - alarm buzzer

  • Fused copper laminate flexible links for lifetime use

  • Our Resistance Welding Machine comes with Epoxy powder-coated colour
  • High speed cylinder operations gives better cylinder follow up

  • Electrode movement in the welding machine made precise by LM bearing

  • Our Resistance Welding Macines are engineered for minimum downtime





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