Resistance Welding Controller







Resistance Welding Controller - Features:

  • Resistance Welding Controller has Spot Welding, 2-Head Spot Welding and Seam Welding Compatibility
  • External Schedule Select
  • Controller has Self-adjustment for maximum current
  • controller has 3 easy-to-operate counters to aid in systematic quality control and tipdressing schedules
  • In seam welding, secondary current stability upto 0.1 KA is observed after installation on existing machines.

  • No need of back-up battery as it stores all data to EEPROM
  • Provided with Data Acquisition Software
  • Up and Down Slope
  • Printouts of welding schedules, real-time & of errors
  • Large LED display gives instant view of program



Support Services by Kirti


  • Installation of the controller is very easy and can be done by an expert electrician at location referring to our installation manual. In some areas our engineers are available to help the installation.

  • Telephonic help on controller programming is available on our phone lines.

  • Services on process parameters are offered.

  • Customer parts can be validated for better process parameters in our lab. We can test the resistance welding possibilities as an alternative solution if components are made available for trials.

  • Trials for welding can be conducted for assessment.



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