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Special Purpose Machines

Kirti is specialized in manufacturing Special Purpose Machines i.e SPM as per the client’s requirement. We design these custom made machines to serve your need no matter how complicated and unique it may be...


Success Story


The machine shown here is used to weld upper and lower parts of petrol tank at 12 predetermined locations.

This welding is done for proper location prior to seam welding.

The machine is powered by 2 nos. 75 KVA transformer. Welding is done by specially designed floating guns, in five steps, four spots at a time.

Total cycle time of operation is 12 seconds including loading/unloading. Actual welding time is 7 seconds altogether.

The spots are controlled by microcontroller based controller and a programmable logic controller.

The machine replaced 3 manual stages and saved manpower. It also increased production speed with accuracy.

These machines are used on production line of leading two wheeler manufacturer of India.




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