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RS 485 Network (Optional)

  • By using Welding Data Logger(Fcom_V2.3) Software Welding Data can be collected from each AK54  Controller at real time and the collected data can be  stored by Excel file at computer.
  • One PC can be linked to maximum 32 units of AK54.- Weld Current Data and Schedule Data can be requested to each of AK54, then the data can be seen and printed.

  • Weld Schedule can be changed by PC.

  • When welding defects is occurred, event monitoring is available and time and weld current data can be checked easily at real time.

  • Opto-Isolated RS485 Card (Option) is installed inside of AK54.

  • PC and AK54 is connected by 2 electric wires and  the length is maximum 1.2 Km

RS 485 Network Interface




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