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Resistance Welding Machine


Welding Machine Features


Features of Kirti Resistance Welding Machine

  • This Welding Machine can be tailored to perform Spot welding and Projection nut welding on the same machine

  • Robust construction - less vibrations - no maintenance of controller board / connectors

  • Resistance Welding Machine designed for optimum consumption of electricity which reduces production cost to the minimum.

  • Controlled delivery of welding current by help of FORWEL, Korea made constant current feedback controller

  • Resistance Welding Machine keeps quality watch on every welded spot. Weak or faulty spot highlighted instantly

  • Error on weak spot - alarm buzzer

  • Fused copper laminate flexible links for lifetime use

  • Our Resistance Welding Machine comes with Epoxy powder-coated colour
  • High speed cylinder operations gives better cylinder follow up

  • Electrode movement in the welding machine made precise by LM bearing

  • Our Resistance Welding Macines are engineered for minimum downtime





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